VAI-41 is the four-seater multipurpose amphibian airplane equipped with advanced turboprop engine PBS TP100.
The airplane is intended for amateur and business flights, for tutoring, air surveillance, tourism, etc.
The proposed amphibian airplane can get usage in lands with a many of lakes and rivers, and also in sea coastal areas in quiet sea.

The main advantages of this project is the high performances with a amphibious propertys combination.
VAI-41 Can perform take-off and landing from a water bodies at roughness up to 0,6 m (2 ft), and also from conventional runways, unpaved airfields.
The amphibian can go out water on coast and contrariwise in the availability of artificial hydrodescent or a coastal slope with suitable conditions.

Besides, the amphibian airplane in case of emergency landing has a wider range of choice both overland landing fields, and water bodies.

In this project some engineering solutions which give the chance to get optimum relationship of the performances, and on a number of parametres to receive high values.

Highly-aspect wing with a highly effective wing section, the smooth surface of all airplane, optimum geometry of the fuselage and the tail unit, allow to have small aerodynamic drag at high lifting properties. The optimum distance from a wing to a water surface afloat ensures positive influence of wing-in-ground effect that diminishes take-off run.

The composite structure of the airframe allows to have rather small weight at high strength and the rigidity, therefore this airplane can carry high percent of an effective load.

The powerful and lightweight power unit allows to have a high cruising speed, a high rate of climb, short take-off run.


Wing Span 11,9 m 25,8 ft
Aspect ratio 10,2
Sweepback angle 00
Dihedral angle +30
Wing Area 12,8 m2
Wing loading 102 kg/m2 21 lb/ft2
Airplane length 7,85 m 25,7 ft
Airplane height 2,4 m 7,85 ft
Cabin dimensions
height 1,15 m 3,77 ft
width 1,18 m 3,87 ft
length 2,25 m 7,38 ft
Luggage compartment
Volume 0,12 m3 4,3 m3


Total capacity: 4 men
passengers 3 men
crew 1 man
Stoll speed 105 km/h 57 kts
Cruise speed 265 km/h 145 kts
Top speed 310 km/h 170 kts
Range 1200 km 650 nm
Optimal flight altitude 4500 m 14750 ft
Runway 500 m 1600 ft

Power Unit

Manufacturer PBS (Czech republic)
Type TP100
Maximum power 1 х 250 hp
Dry weight 65 kg / 145 lbs
Fuel type Jet A, A1, B, ТС-1, Т2, РТ