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Vashchenko Aircraft Innovations was founded by the CEO Viktor Vashchenko, born and raised in Ukraine.

The Engineering Center “VAI”, led by chief designer Viktor Vashchenko, offers a number of successful innovative and profitable projects.​

Our team has a vast experience in aircraft construction and servicing such companies as Antonov, Aerosvit, Aviant, Progresstech-Ukraine and others. Our products were presented at world renown exhibitions in Germany, China, the United Arab Emirates, United States and Ukraine, where we had a huge success thanks to our top of the line innovations in the field of aerodynamic engineering.

More about Viktor Vashchenko

Have 40 years of experience in developing, making, flight testing, certification and operation of aircraft (helicopters, airplanes, unmanned aircraft and other types of aircraft) competitive on the world markets.

1. Started developing and making a single-seater planner at the age of 14 (1979 year). 4 years later, at the age of 18, finished building the planner and got it off the ground executing a trial flight.

2. In 1985 finished Buruguslan Flight College of Civil Aviation in Buruguslan, Russia. There aviated ЯК-18Т and АН-2. Organized a student development design office at college where two planners were developed, built and tested.

3. Starting at 02.08.1985 until 10.08.1995 was a pilot of АН-2 and АН-24 airplanes in Aeroflot company.

In 1992 retrained in Kirovograd Flight Academy on a twin-engine fifty-seater АН-24 and aviated it professionally for three years.

In the same time repaired twin-engine five-seater L-200 «Morava»,

built twin-engine three-seater amphibious aircraft ЧЕ-22, and also was developing light airplanes.

4. From 1996 to 1998 taught at junior aviation club «Young Aviator» designing aircraft and aviating aircraft.
5. From 1998 to 1999 worked as a structural engineer in the company «Aeroclub Icarus», where «Икар-10» («Icarus-10») airplane was developed and built.

6. In the same time, designed and built one-engine two-seater airplane «Сервей» («Servey»).

7. In the same time, independently developed and built twin-engine two-seater airplane «Аист» («Aist») at home.

8. At that time, independently studied designing of hydro-airplanes and created a few projects of amphibious aircraft.

9. From 19.07.2010 until present a Sole Proprietor in Kyiv. Occupation:designing and making of future-technology aircraft Work product:developed unique unmanned aircraft.

10.From 24.11.1999 to 24.12.2004 chief design manager of «Aviaimpex» company in Kyiv. The number of subordinates 120 people. Responsibilities:designing twinengine with Rotax-912 engines four-seater helicopter, organizing work process in the design-engineering department, design drafting, factory management, HR, supply department management, academic and certification work. Work product:development, building, ground and flight tests of «КТ-112» helicopter.

11.From 04.01.2005 to 31.12.2005 structural engineer of «Secret-Service» company. Responsibilities:designing of aerobatic aircraft «Горобец» («Gorobets»). Preparation for development.
12.From 03.05. 2006 to 31.07.2006 6 Design General of «Era» company in Kyiv. Responsibilities:designing special aircraft for agricultural use.

13.From 03.09.2007 to 19.07.2010 co-founder and executive of Aircraft Building company «Horizon-12» in Kyiv. The number of subordinates 150 people. Responsibilities:project author, design general, head of the HR department, head of production, ground and flight testing, test pilot. Work product:development, production and flight tests of twin-engine twoseater multi-purpose airplane SL-122;

Development and production of twin-engine two-seater helicopter SL-222;

development of two-seater vertical take-off vehicle «Квадролет» («Quadrolet»);

development of drafts:light transcontinental personal aircraft «SL-528»;
aircraft engine «ДД-3»;

single-seater man-maneuvered unit of vertical take-off and landing;

five-seater helicopter «SL-225» with two ДД-3 engines.
Publications in «All the World’s Aircraft 2013-2014».

14. From 3.01.2011 until present Chief Technology Officer, chief design manager and test pilot of «Softex Invest» company. The number of subordinates 190 people. Responsibilities:project author, chief design manager, head of HR, head of production, ground and flight tests, test pilot. Work product:development, production. tests, patenting and type certification of twin-engine multi-purpose four-seater airplane V-24 with two «Rotax-912» engines;

Patent for the registered design of V-24 aircraft. Type certification of V-24 aircraft.

Development and production of V-24 aircraft modification with Lycoming IO-320 engine;

development and production of two-seater helicopter VV-2 with a single gas turbine engine TS-100;
twin-engine five-seater helicopter V-52; twin-engine two-seater helicopter V-22
two-seater vertical take-off car vehicle.

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